Texting on Apple & iOS devices


If you are someone who has many Apple devices (like I do) one of the many great things is the ability to message across devices.  Initially, I loved that you could send and receive iMessages one all your devices.  From my MacBook, my iPad, AND my iPhone . . . how great is that!  I’ll never miss a text!  Unless it’s someone from an Android or other phone and then it is not an iMessage, it’s an SMS (text) message and I could only see that on my phone.  Here’s what that looks like:


But then I learned there is a fix for that!  You CAN get your sms messages on your other devices, not just your phone!!!  Here’s how:

  1. go into settings on your iPhone, then “Messages”:


2.  Select “text message forwarding”:


3.  select the devices that are also signed in with your Apple ID that you want to forward to (in my case it’s my MacBook Pro and my iPad):


THAT’S IT!!  Now you can receive not just iMessages, but all your texts on all of your devices!

You’re welcome.  🙂

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