Backup. Backup. Backup.

Do I sound a little redundant?  That is precisely the point.  You need to backup with redundancy.  If your home computer holds your children’s baby pictures, important documents, etc. then I am assuming you wouldn’t want to lose them?

There are lots of ways to backup.  I backup my computer to an external hard drive, but also to a cloud service (currently Carbonite).  I also backup my photos to Amazon Prime photos (it’s free with your Prime membership) and Google photos (which is also free).  Yes, all of those places.

I have met with clients in tears because their computer died and they hadn’t backed up.  It can be devastating.

Apple computers have a built in software, Time Machine, that does a great job of backing up all of your data (including programs).  Windows also has a built in backup.

Once you have set up your backup, that’s great!  You are off to a good start.  Don’t stop there.  Once a week (or once a month) … try and restore a file.  Make sure your backups are working.




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